The Hilde Mangold Haus at the University of Freiburg/CIBSS


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This video presents the laboratory building of the University of Freiburg at the Habsburgerstr. 49 in Freiburg. It is the research building of the Cluster of Excellence CIBSS - Centre for Integrative Biological Signalling Studies - and is named after Hilde Mangold, co-discoverer of the famous embryonic “organizer” signalling center. The young scientist Hilde Mangold is a memorable figure in the history of signalling science. One hundred years ago, she had just finished her PhD thesis in Freiburg. Today, her work is seen as one of the most important publications in biology. This video gives an overview of Mangolds life and the research taking place in the building today, featuring interviews with CIBSS researchers Prof. Dr. Anne Classen, Prof.Dr. Björn Lillemeier and Dr. Roland Nitschke.

Image credits
Fluorescence microscopy image of drosophila larvae: Vanessa Weichselberger, AG Classen/Uni Freiburg
Portrait young Hilde Mangold: Peter E. Fäßler. Hilde Mangold (1898-1924) Ihr Beitrag zur Entdeckung des Organisatoreffekts im Molchembryo. Biologie in unserer Zeit (1994)
Freiburg Postcard from 1919: Wikicommons / Zeno Ansichtskarten upload project
Photos of double-axis Xenopus larvae: CIBSS/Peter Walentek
Micrograph of original double-axis embryo: Museum für Naturkunde Berlin/Peter Giere
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Nobel prize certificate: Peter E. Fäßler. Hilde Mangold (1898-1924) Ihr Beitrag zur Entdeckung des Organisatoreffekts im Molchembryo. Biologie in unserer Zeit (1994)
Images in zoom-out: CIBSS/ Peter Walentek; CIBSS/Daria Onichtchouk; CIBSS/Pengbo Liang,Thomas Ott; CIBSS/Robert Grosse; Freiburg University Hospital/Roman Sankowski; CIBSS/Chris Meisinger; Christian Siegloch, AG Driever/LIC; Sarah Bowden, Peter Walentek/LIC; CIBSS/Olaf Groß; CIBSS/Lisa Conrad, Wolfgang Driever/CIBSS
in-situ stained blastula: CIBSS/Daria Onichtchouk
Other images and animations: CIBSS/Michal Rössler
Bad Mouse Orchestra, Freiburg , "Nobody Lied"
Laura Mahoney
Filming and interviews
Mathilde Bessert-Nettelbeck, Michal Rössler
Video and audio editing
Mathilde Bessert-Nettelbeck




Prof. Dr. Anne Classen, Prof. Dr. Björn Lillemeier, Dr. Roland Nitschke